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Shameless crossposting

Yes, shameless x-post from my deviantART scraps...

Halp me make it not crap?

Also (and yes, I love that word too much) would it be too insane of me to actually grow out the rest of the scene of my final illustration from this? I mean, I started this study just as practice so my illustration won't be shit, but now I'm thinking since this head shot I did a study of is from the pose of the greater image I might just cannibalise it as part of the full illustration. Too tasteless?

Also, I was totally horrified to learn that there are a multitude of hair brushes, I don't mean brushes with hair bristles, I mean digital brushes of hair. WTF, if you want to illustrate or modify hair, don't use a brush, ACTUALLY FUCKING LEARN TO RENDER HAIR, or it wasn't meant to happen. Although I do rather like this brush.

Also, I've found one not-crap (and actually kind of nice) hair tutorial on deviantART, which is this one.
I think I'll still be trawling through my issues of ImagineFX and whatnot though, especially to get the light shine right on the earring (this isn't a study in the chiaroscuro lighting yet, FYI).

Anyway, if you have suggestions on making this study less shoddy looking, please tell me!
I'd post this to conceptart, but I haven't even had time to post a second wip of the chameleon illu I posted there yet, so I don't want to look like I've abandoned it by posting this there.


[my head is pastede on yay.]


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Mar. 15th, 2009 10:07 am (UTC)
I think if you get rid of the outline in her profile because towards the eye it looks really painterly but then you have that outline which makes it look incomplete. And I think give the hair some more weight. Towards the back it kinda just floats there, you either need to extend it so it settles on the back or bring the hair closer to the neck or make it look thicker.

Otherwise it looks so awesome and omg I am so jealous cos I totally suck at rendering hair on the computer...even WITH a hair brush D:
Mar. 15th, 2009 12:06 pm (UTC)
Yeah, sorry, the outlining was me being a lazy little shit and not putting more effort into properly defining the edges of shapes... anyway, fixed that a bit now, am working on the head-pasted-on larger image now (which I've now edited the entry to include) and I've mostly gone over that now with lighting highlights.

I'll try to make the hair have more natural weight, it kind of just looks like cords or wires at the moment, but I'll work more on that bit, although some of the bits I'll probably just let the shadows eat up.
Yay harsh lighting.

Anyway, glad you mostly like it though - it's been ages since I've done an illustration with a person in it, and I'm a bit surprised that it's not going as crap as I thought it would be.

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