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Valentine's Day Linkapalooza

So, it's V-Day tomorrow, and while I'm not doing anything, in all the communities/blogs/feeds I watch/am subscribed to, I've seen a lot of cool Valentine project ideas, which I thought I'd share here in case anyone decides they want to do anything last-minute. First is actually the video for the song "Love Me Dead" by Ludo, because I figure y'all might as well have something to listen to while checking out this multitude of links.

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Hey, so does anyone post to CONCEPTART.ORG?

I'm thinking of posting some of my work up there to get some more constructive criticism.

Wanted to know if anyone else uses it / knows the best way to make use of it.


Thought I'd share some links.

Hello Craft, a new craft related podcast some of you might be interested in. The latest one looks very cool and features quirky shadow puppets made from cereal boxes.

Some Blog entries
also featuring some very cool typography! I think this might be a cool blog to sort through for inspiration.
So far I've come across gorgeous typography and specimen books. The latter is making me think even more about my portfolio, and I kind of like the idea of doing a psuedo scientific journa, although I don't think it would suit the work I'd be showing.

Promotional ideas for next year - found some cool links which have given me ideas for next year, thought I might share them here as well. Because of how much I love postcards I think I'll give out promotional packs (loved Niina's and I kind of like the idea of handing out packs to people rather than have loose stuff) I think I'll be putting together various postcard designs into sets, having them inside a special box (based on this idea) and sew them away mysteriously into paper packages like this *, stamped with a logo or one of a mixed set of designs and contact information. Or possibly stencilled and spray-painted. Either way I'm rather excited. I’ll be continuing to make more postcard designs over the next year (of a variety of things) as well as getting back to designing more bookplates.

* That site also has many lovely ideas for projects you can download as free PDF files.


Nov. 5th, 2008

Lol, is this comm dead or what?

Check it out guyz, I've found the perfect lj community: do. I'm too scared to subscribe to it because it updates like 20 days a day, but that means if you ever need a little pick-me-up there's always new good crap there to look at!

Boffins Contest

Hey all, I've now got the PDF of the brief (all seven pages of it!) so if you want me to send you a copy of it, please leave your email in the comments!
Also, it's supposed to be a set of four, but the prize can be split (the prize is $1500 for a set of 4) so people can work together to make a set, or whatever.
Happy trails!

Grad book Template

Can I please know where you guys got the grad book template? I missed Sarah's class and some noob told me it was on WebCT (I only have access to Design Methods 392..boo =.=)

Bookmark Contest

Saw this on level 6 on Friday, figured people might be interested in it.

Text says (for the zoom-in phobic):

Design a set of Boffins Bookshop Bookmarks & Win Cash {students only}
See your lecturer for full brief or email wa@agda.com.au

I'm planning on doing one of my briefs for this, can ask Sarah on Monday if she has more details, or I'll email the link.
Anyone else interested in entering?


ugh help

I'm stuck on a page of my little red riding hood and I don't know which composition works better. It's the scene after the wolf tries to eat little red, and in my version she whacks him with a saucepan.

So which do you like better?



Found a great site


Great ideas on how to create postcard promos, also there are some business cards and other misc promos too :D

This is the current level of working on the poster for Conceptual Illustration, from when I last worked on it on Tuesday night. Obviously, things are a bit blurrily painted in in parts at the moment... and I need to properly install my tablet driver on the new comp. - and some things need to be repeated across, and I still have way more details to add in, especially in the centre, and then start overpainting the whole thing including the B.G. gradient colours to make it all come together...
But suggestions about more stuff to add in welcome!
(No naked mermaids on this one however!)


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